This is my lighthouse presentation. Click on the link lighthouse.

Book review

Book review Brisingr Even though I’ve read lots of descriptive, made up and thick books, this was the most descriptive, fantasy and thickest book I have ever read. It has all the features a fantasy book needs. I recommend this book for people who likes…

Last 2 weeks

The last two weeks Mr. Mepham was here because Mrs. Ryan was away overseas!!! Mr. Mepham introduced us to a new website named free rice and it became our maths fluency task. My grandma also came in Shepparton in the last two weeks too. We…

The Holiday Wedding

The only thing I expected in the wedding was chatting!!!!!!!!!! Thats one thing you should know about my family. They chat and chat and chat till it’s nighttime. On Friday and Saturday we went to the wedding and guess what….. all you could here was…

white tiger

Today we are practising to post a photo on our blog



Take back the night

Where my diamonds hide

Hello world!

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